NCERT class 1 English question paper Boost Your Exam Preparation for CBSE

NCERT class 1 English question paper: Boost Your Exam Preparation for CBSE

CBSE Class 1 English Previous Year Question Papers: A Valuable Resource for Exam Preparation

As students gear up for their current year exams, it is crucial for them to familiarize themselves with the pattern and types of questions asked in the previous year’s English exams. By practicing a variety of English question papers, students can identify areas in which they need improvement and gain confidence in the subject. Therefore, it is highly recommended to regularly solve the previous year question papers for Class 1 English prescribed by the CBSE. Practicing these papers under exam-like conditions at home will also help students learn effective time management during exams. Also Read: NCERT Class 1 English Book Solutions: Enhance Learning Through Poems and Stories 

Accessing CBSE Previous Year Question Papers for Class 1 English

To facilitate the preparation process, we have compiled the previous year question papers for Class 1 English from the past 10 years. These papers can be easily downloaded in PDF format, along with their solutions, which have been recommended by CBSE. Our team of expert English teachers has diligently provided solutions to these papers. It is advisable for students to solve the model question papers and compare their solutions with the provided answers. This practice will undoubtedly boost their confidence in the subject.

Analyzing Previous Year Question Papers for Class 1 English

To gain insights into the type of questions asked in the previous year exams, it is essential for Class 1 students to refer to the CBSE Class 1 English Previous Year Question Papers available on our platform. By downloading and practicing these papers, students can familiarize themselves with the variety of questions that have been asked in previous exams. This exercise will enable them to better understand how teachers formulate the examination question papers. In addition, comprehensive solutions are provided for each question, making it easier for students to grasp the expected answers. These practice papers also contain a substantial number of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) for Class 1 English, accompanied by their respective answers.

Chapter-wise Coverage in Class 1 English Previous Year Question Papers

The collection of past year question papers encompasses all the chapters recommended by CBSE in the Class 1 English syllabus. Before attempting the questions, students are advised to thoroughly review all the chapters provided in their NCERT Class 1 English books. This approach ensures a proper understanding of each topic, enabling students to tackle the questions effectively. By solving these previous year papers, students will also become acquainted with the recurring questions that frequently appear in exams, enabling them to secure full marks in those specific questions. Furthermore, these papers serve as an excellent tool for self-assessment, allowing students to identify their weak areas and improve their problem-solving skills. It is worth mentioning that all the guess papers have been meticulously designed based on the NCERT book for Class 1 English.

Convenient Download of Class 1 English Model Question Papers

We provide convenient access to CBSE Class 1 English Previous Year Question Papers in PDF format. Simply click on the provided links to download the papers along with their answers. Additionally, our platform offers a download and print option for students’ convenience. Rest assured, all the PDF files available on our website are sourced from past year exams authorized by CBSE for Class 1. Students can access them free of cost. These question papers, covering the last 10 years, play a pivotal role in helping students understand the examination pattern, marking scheme, weightage of different question types, and the specific types of questions asked in the board exams. To further aid students’ preparation, we also provide numerous Class 1 English MCQ tests.

Comprehensive Solutions for English Previous Year Question Papers Class 1

We have gone the extra mile to provide comprehensive solutions for all the previous year question papers of Class 1 English. By referring to these solutions, students can gain insights into the appropriate answers to be written during their Class 1 English exams, ensuring they score well. It is recommended that students attempt the previous year question papers under examination conditions at home and then compare their answers with the solutions provided by our teachers. This exercise will help students identify their weak areas and understand how Class 1 English teachers formulate questions in the exams. Consistent practice, along with regular revision of important chapters and topics, will greatly enhance students’ time management and problem-solving skills, boosting their confidence in the subject. Daily practice is highly recommended by both teachers and CBSE for a better understanding and improved problem-solving abilities in English. Moreover, practicing previous year papers regularly aids in retaining concepts, enabling students to recall them easily during exams and achieve better performance and scores. Finally, it is crucial for Class 1 students to make use of English worksheets to further reinforce their learning.

In conclusion, CBSE Class 1 English Previous Year Question Papers are a valuable resource for students preparing for their exams. By practicing these papers and analyzing the provided solutions, students can familiarize themselves with the exam pattern, gain confidence, improve problem-solving skills, and achieve better results. It is essential to incorporate daily practice, revision, and the utilization of supplementary resources to ensure comprehensive preparation for the Class 1 English exams.

NCERT Class 1 English Question Paper

Time: 1 hour

Section A: Reading Comprehension

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Rahul. He loved to play in the park every day. One day, while playing, he found a shiny object on the ground. It was a small key. Rahul was curious to know what the key could unlock. He decided to search for the lock that matched the key.

1. What did Rahul find while playing in the park?
2. Why was Rahul curious about the key?
3. What did Rahul decide to do with the key?

Section B: Vocabulary

Choose the correct word to complete each sentence.

1. The sun shines ________ in the morning.
a) brightly
b) quickly

2. The cat chased the ________ mouse.
a) big
b) small

3. We need to ________ our teeth every day.
a) brush
b) wash

Section C: Writing

Write a short paragraph (5-6 sentences) on the following topic: “My Favorite Animal”

Section D: Grammar

Complete each sentence with the correct form of the verb in brackets.

1. The birds ________ (sing) in the tree.
2. She ________ (jump) high in the air.
3. We ________ (play) with our friends at the park.

Section E: Listening

Listen to the audio and answer the questions.

1. What sound does a dog make?
2. How many legs does a spider have?
3. Name one fruit that is yellow in color.

Note: This is just a sample question paper and may not reflect the exact format of the actual examination.

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