Noun Worksheet for Class 2

Noun Worksheet for Class 2: Types and Roles in Sentence Construction

A noun is a term that identifies an individual, group, object, or concept. Nouns come in a variety of forms. Typical types include:

– Common nouns: These are euphemistic names for individuals, groups, objects, or concepts. Dog, city, and book are some examples.
– Proper nouns: These are precise names for individuals, groups, objects, or concepts. They all begin in uppercase letters. Example: The Bible, Paris, and John.
– Singular nouns: These are names for just one individual, location, object, or concept. Consider a cat.
– Plural nouns are names for groups of people, places, objects, or ideas. Consider cats.

Now, let’s test our understanding. Can you identify the common nouns in the following sentences?

Noun Worksheet for Class 2

Noun Worksheet

Instructions: Circle the noun in each sentence.

1. The dog chased the ball in the park.

2. Sara has a beautiful red bicycle.

3. My mom made a delicious cake for my birthday.

4. The students listened to the teacher attentively.

5. The cat slept peacefully on the fluffy pillow.

6. The birds chirped happily in the trees.

7. We went to the beach and built sandcastles.

8. The bookshelf in the library is full of interesting books.

9. My sister and I love to play with our new toys.

10. The farmer grew crops in his field.

11. The baby giggled at the funny clown.

12. The sun shines brightly in the sky.

13. The nurse helped the sick child feel better.

14. The car drove quickly down the busy street.

15. I saw a beautiful rainbow after the rain stopped.

Answer Key:

1. dog, ball, park
2. Sara, bicycle
3. mom, cake, birthday
4. students, teacher
5. cat, pillow
6. birds, trees
7. beach, sandcastles
8. bookshelf, library, books
9. sister, toys
10. farmer, crops, field
11. baby, clown
12. sun, sky
13. nurse, child
14. car, street
15. rainbow, rain

I hope this worksheet helps your students practice identifying nouns! Let me know if there’s anything else I can assist you with.

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