CBSE Class 3 Maths Worksheets free download

CBSE Class 3 Maths Worksheets: Enhance Understanding with Practice Sheets

CBSE NCERT Class 3 Mathematics Worksheets are available for free download in PDF format. These worksheets contain important chapter-wise and topic-wise questions that students must practice daily. They are based on the CBSE, KVS, and NCERT syllabus and follow the chapters given in the NCERT book.

The worksheets include class assignments, practice tests, question banks, and exercises with solutions. They are designed to help students learn concepts and revise important topics in Class 3 Mathematics. By practicing these worksheets, students can prepare for their school exams. Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV) Class 3 Mathematics Worksheets with important questions, solutions, and solved test papers are also accessible through the provided link.

Mathematics Worksheet for Class 3

The worksheets have been prepared by expert teachers according to the latest syllabus issued by NCERT, KVS, and CBSE. They provide topic-wise solved questions for all chapters, enabling students to score more marks in class tests and school examinations. To download the worksheets with important questions for each chapter of Class 3 Mathematics, you can click on the links provided.

These CBSE NCERT Worksheets for Class 3 Mathematics are a valuable resource for students, aligning with the CBSE NCERT books and syllabus. They are designed to assist students in preparing effectively for their upcoming examinations.

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CBSE Class 3 Maths Worksheets free download

“The Mathematics Worksheet for Class 3 in PDF format is designed to cover all the important topics from each chapter of your NCERT book. It includes a large collection of multiple-choice questions with answers to help students practice and understand the subject better. The assignments available on our website, smartclass, have been designed to ensure that there are plenty of questions covering all topics, allowing students to test their full understanding. By downloading these worksheets, students can improve their performance in Class 3 Mathematics exams. Many questions in the Class 3 Mathematics question papers will be based on these worksheets. Download PDF

Mathematics Worksheet for Class 3 Pdf

All the Mathematics worksheets for Class 3 provided on the smartclass website come with solutions. These solutions help students clear any doubts they may have regarding various concepts covered in the chapters. Solving practice worksheets for Mathematics in Class 3 will therefore enhance students’ overall understanding of the subject.

Worksheet for Class 3 Mathematics With Answers

For Class 3 students who want to improve their knowledge and conceptual understanding of Mathematics, regular practice with worksheets is crucial. Parents are encouraged to provide their children with these worksheets from smartclass for daily use and ask them to solve the questions independently. Afterward, they can compare the answers given by us for each Mathematics worksheet for Class 3. Using the worksheets available on smartclass offers several important benefits for Class 3 Mathematics. We have provided them here.

Mathematics Worksheet for Class 3

Our Mathematics worksheets for Class 3 cover all the topics given in each chapter of the NCERT textbook for Class 3 Mathematics. They follow the CBSE syllabus and the latest curriculum, ensuring that students gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject once they have solved all the question banks. Experienced teachers at smartclass have designed all the sets of questions for each chapter of Mathematics in Class 3. You can easily download the PDF of all the practice sheets for Mathematics in Class 3. The worksheets cover various types of questions, such as short answer questions, fill in the blanks, long answer questions, and match the following. Our teachers have followed the latest examination pattern for Class 3 Mathematics.”

Certainly! Here’s a sample worksheet for Mathematics for Class 3:

Class 3 Mathematics Worksheet

Name: ________________________
Date: _________________________

1. Read each question carefully and attempt to solve it.
2. Show all your work and calculations neatly.
3. Use the space provided to write your answers.

1. Solve the following addition problems:
a) 52 + 18 = ______
b) 37 + 29 = ______
c) 63 + 15 = ______

2. Subtract the following numbers:
a) 78 – 29 = ______
b) 45 – 17 = ______
c) 91 – 52 = ______

3. Multiply the following numbers:
a) 5 x 3 = ______
b) 8 x 4 = ______
c) 6 x 7 = ______

4. Divide the following numbers:
a) 24 ÷ 4 = ______
b) 36 ÷ 6 = ______
c) 42 ÷ 7 = ______

5. Fill in the missing numbers in the number pattern:
a) 10, 15, __, 25, 30
b) 4, 8, 12, __, 20
c) 7, __, 14, 21, 28

6. Write the number word for each numeral:
a) 17 = ______________
b) 45 = ______________
c) 82 = ______________

7. Solve the following word problems:
a) Sarah has 12 apples. She gave 5 apples to her friend. How many apples does she have now?
b) There are 28 students in a classroom. If 9 students are absent, how many students are present?
c) John has 45 stickers. He gave 18 stickers to his sister. How many stickers does he have left?

8. Write the number in expanded form:
a) 47 = ______ + ______
b) 63 = ______ + ______
c) 92 = ______ + ______

9. Compare the numbers using the appropriate symbol (<, >, =):
a) 52 ____ 25
b) 37 ____ 37
c) 68 ____ 89

10. Solve the following money problems:
a) If a toy costs $25 and I give the shopkeeper $50, how much change will I get?
b) Emma has $65. She buys a book for $42. How much money does she have left?
c) Mark has $15. He wants to buy a toy that costs $18. How much more money does he need?

Answer Key:
1. a) 70 b) 66 c) 78
2. a) 49 b) 28 c) 39
3. a) 15 b) 32 c) 42
4. a) 6 b) 6 c) 6
5. a) 20 b) 16 c) 10
6. a) Seventeen b) Forty-five c) Eighty-two
7. a) 7 b) 19 c) 27
8. a) 40 + 7 b) 60 + 3 c) 90 + 2
9. a) > b) = c) <
10. a) $25 b) $23 c) $3

Note: This is just a sample worksheet.

You can add more questions or modify it according to your requirements.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you need any further assistance.


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