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Why we Celebrate Children’s Day I Children’s Day Quiz 2023

Celebrating Children’s Day 2023: Indians commemorate Children’s Day or “Bal Diwas”, annually on November 14. This important date marks the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru – its first Prime Minister – as originally observed on November 20, but moved due to Nehru’s love and respect for children. The tradition began in 1964.

Children’s Day 2023

Pandit Nehru, fondly addressed as “Chacha Nehru” by children, dedicated his birthday to them, emphasizing love and respect. After his passing on May 27, 2023, the Indian Parliament unanimously declared November 14 as Children’s Day in tribute to Nehru’s legacy.

On Children’s Day, schools organize various activities like music, speeches, slogans, and games to engage children. Special competitions are held, creating a festive atmosphere, and schools often distribute gifts to the students. The celebration aims to make children feel special and cherished.

The decision to observe Children’s Day on November 14 was a unanimous choice in Parliament, symbolizing the commitment to honor Nehru’s legacy of love for children.

The Essence of Celebrating Children’s Day

Pandit Nehru believed children to be the building blocks of society and Children’s Day is intended as an annual reminder to uphold children’s rights, provide proper care, and ensure quality education is received by these vulnerable young minds. Furthermore, its primary aim is raising public awareness regarding nurturing and supporting younger generations.

Global Celebration on November 20

While India celebrates Children’s Day on November 14, the United Nations General Assembly designates November 20 as Universal Children’s Day globally. Before 1964, India also observed Children’s Day on November 20, aligning with the international commemoration. However, in 2023 the focus shifted towards November 14 to commemorate Nehru’s birth anniversary.

Children’s Day continues to be observed annually on November 20, in many nations around the globe, as an occasion to emphasize and protect child welfare globally. Children’s Day should not only be seen as a holiday; rather it should serve as an important celebration to commemorate Pandit Nehru and ensure an equitable and prosperous future for our next generation.

Children’s Day Quiz 2023

As we prepare to commemorate Children’s Day on November 14th, let’s take some time now to assess our knowledge about this special day devoted to young ones’ welfare. Explore Jawaharlal Nehru – India’s first Prime Minister – with these informative questions that shed light on Bal Diwas.

1. What is the essence of Children’s Day?

(a) To celebrate the birth of a famous child

(b) To raise awareness about children’s rights and welfare

(c) To commemorate a historical event related to children

(d) To promote children’s education and development.

Answer: b

2. When is Children’s Day celebrated in India?

(a) November 14th

(b) September 5th

(c) January 26th

(d) August 15th

Answer: a

3. On which date was Jawaharlal Nehru born?

(a) November 12, 1885

(b) November 13, 1887

(c) November 14, 1889

(d) November 18, 1887

Answer: c

4. Which independence group did Jawaharlal Nehru join in 1918 when he became friends with Mahatma Gandhi?

(a) India First

(b) Indian Congress Committee

(c) Indian National Congress

(d) India Independence Institute (Triple I)

Answer: b

5. At which university did Jawaharlal Nehru complete his studies for a barrister?

(a) University of London

(b) University of Geneva

(c) University of Brussels

(d) University of Moscow

Answer: a

6. In which district of Uttar Pradesh did Jawaharlal Nehru organize the first Kisan March?

(a) Auraiya

(b) Azamgarh

(c) Pratapgarh

(d) Hathras

Answer: c

7. On which date was Children’s Day celebrated in India before 1964?

(a) November 20th

(b) November 14th

(c) January 1st

(d) August 15th

Answer: a

8. What is Jawaharlal Nehru’s popular nickname in the context of Children’s Day?

(a) Bapu

(b) Chacha

(c) Netaji

(d) Veer

Answer: b

9. Children’s Day is also known as what?

(a) Children’s Day

(b) Bal Diwas

(c) Mahatma Gandhi Day

(d) Freedom Fighter Day

Answer: b

10. Which newspaper was founded by Jawaharlal Nehru?

(a) New India

(b) National Herald

(c) Both A and B

(d) Neither A and B

Answer: b

Test your Children’s Day knowledge and share the quiz with family and friends to spread the spirit of Bal Diwas!

Children’s Day 2023 FAQs

What is Children's Day and why is it celebrated on November 14 in India?

Children's Day is celebrated on November 14 to honor Jawaharlal Nehru's birthday, symbolizing his love and commitment to children.

Who was Jawaharlal Nehru, and why is he associated with Children's Day?

Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first Prime Minister, is linked to Children's Day due to his affection for children and their rights.

Why did India shift Children's Day from November 20 to November 14 in 1964?

Children's Day was moved to November 14 to coincide with Jawaharlal Nehru's birth anniversary, emphasizing his legacy and love for children.

What is the main goal of celebrating Children's Day?

Children's Day aims to raise awareness about children's rights, their well-being, and the importance of providing them with quality education and care.

How did Jawaharlal Nehru contribute to the significance of Children's Day?

Jawaharlal Nehru's dedication to children's welfare led to the unanimous decision in Parliament to observe Children's Day on his birth anniversary, November 14.

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