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World University Rankings: Women’s glory in world’s top institutions, leading 4 out of top-5

In a groundbreaking development, Dr. Irene Tracey has made history by becoming the first female Vice-Chancellor at the prestigious University of Oxford, as per the World University Rankings 2023. The global academic landscape is witnessing a transformative shift as women are increasingly taking on leadership roles across various sectors, from education to politics and beyond.

Empowering Women in Academia:

According to the World University Rankings 2023, an impressive 48 out of the top 200 universities worldwide have women serving as Presidents or Vice-Chancellors, setting a remarkable record. This signifies the progressive change in perspectives towards women’s leadership roles globally.

Global Recognition of Women’s Leadership:

Out of the world’s top 5 universities, 4 institutions have women leading the way either as Presidents or Vice-Chancellors. The esteemed University of Oxford recently appointed Dr. Irene Tracey as Vice-Chancellor. Other notable examples include Claudine Gay at Harvard University, Vice-Chancellor Deborah H. Prentice at Cambridge University, and President Sally Cornbluth at MIT (USA).

Changing Dynamics in India:

India, too, is embracing women’s potential in the academic realm. The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras holds the top spot in the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) by the Ministry of Education. This shift is evident as IIT Madras appointed Dr. Preethi Aghalayam as the Director of its first overseas campus in Tanzania, marking her as the country’s first female IIT Director.


As women continue to break barriers and excel in various fields, the inclusion of more women in leadership positions across universities reflects a promising trend towards gender equality and recognition of women’s capabilities on a global scale.

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