CBSE 10th, 12th Practical Exam

CBSE Board Exam 2024: Latest guidelines for CBSE 10th, 12th Practical Exam 2024 RELEASED!

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is gearing up for the Class 10 and 12 Practical Examinations 2024 that start on January 1. In an official notice issued recently by CBSE, schools received detailed instructions related to exam schedules, examiners, marking criteria, and more.

The Board emphasized: “Annual practical examinations/internal assessments/projects for Class 10 and 12 scheduled to start for session 2023-24 are scheduled to commence the first week of January 2024, to ensure their timely completion all stakeholders should adhere to these guidelines”.

Before the CBSE 10th and 12th practical exams in 2024, the Board issued the following directives:

  1. Ensure Timely Receipt of Practical Answer Books: Schools are instructed to verify that an ample number of practical answer books have been received before the scheduled date for the practical exams.
  2. Inform Parents and Students: Schools should communicate the schedule, format, and any specific requirements for the practical exams to both parents and students.
  3. Prepare Infrastructure: Labs must have sufficient infrastructure, materials, and materials available in them in order to conduct practical exams without issue. They should also provide students with enough room to conduct experiments efficiently and with minimum obstacles or distractions.
  4. Contact Examiners in Advance: For optimal examination results, schools should reach out to examiners well ahead of their examination date. Doing this e ensures a smooth and timely testing experience.
  5. Accommodate Students with Special Needs: Identify students with special needs or disabilities and make necessary accommodations to ensure their comfortable participation in the practical exams.
  6. Adherence to Schedule: Stactions are required to comfortable patiocal examonlyhedule.

    Additionally, the CBSE has issued guidelines regarding uploading marks for Class 10th and 12th practical exams in 2024:

  • Daily Mark Upload: Marks for all practical exams, projects, and internal assessments must be uploaded daily on the date of assessment.
  • Accuracy in Marking: The school, internal examiner, and external examiner must ensure the correct marks are uploaded, adhering to the maximum marks assigned.
  • External Examiner Arrangements: For Class 12, schools are not authorized to make alternate arrangements for an external examiner. Practical exams must be conducted by an external examiner appointed by the Board.
  • No Changes Allowed: After the finalization and completion of the marking process, no changes in marks are permitted. Both examiners must exercise proper attention to ensure the accuracy of uploaded marks.

The Board asserts its right to cancel practical exams if schools fail to comply with the provided directions, and there will be no consideration for extension of dates. As the CBSE gears up for the Class 10 and 12 Practical Exams 2024, these guidelines serve as a crucial roadmap for a seamless examination process.

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