Best Maths Teacher in India

Best Maths Teacher in India I Top YouTube Teachers and Tips

Unravelling the Mystery of Mathematics: Top 10 YouTube Teachers to Make Maths a Breeze in Competitive Exams

When we hear the word “Mathematics,” it can evoke two distinct emotions – excitement or nightmares. Rarely do we find someone who is indifferent, saying, “I like Maths but also dislike it.” In the realm of competitive exams, Mathematics stands as the biggest hurdle for many aspirants. Whether you are preparing for a government exam or any other competitive test, having a clear grasp of mathematical concepts and basics is essential.

Top 10 Mathematicians

In this article, we will introduce you to some exceptional Mathematics teachers on YouTube who can help you conquer this subject and turn it from a nightmare into a breeze.

1. Rakesh Sir:

Rakesh Sir is a unique Maths teacher known for his dedicated focus on SSC CGL aspirants on YouTube. However, his expertise extends beyond CGL, as he prepares students for various Government and Non-Government exams. He even has his own publication called “Rakesh Yadav Readers Publications,” where he publishes notes and books that students find highly helpful in understanding concepts.

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2. Abhinay Sir:

Abhinay Sir is a top-notch Mathematics teacher in India, catering not only to Government exams but also other competitive tests. His channel, “Abhinay Maths,” is a treasure trove of valuable lessons. He even conducts offline classes in Mukherjee Nagar, a hotspot for Government Exam aspirants in Delhi. With his vast teaching experience and having achieved top scores in SSC CGL exams multiple times, he offers impeccable guidance in Mathematics.

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3. Gagan Sir:

Gagan Sir is among the best Maths teachers in India for competitive exams, and you can find his high-quality lectures on the Careerwill App. His videos primarily focus on Government exams like SSC, BANK, and Railways Exams. One of the striking features of his videos is the insightful analysis of previous and recently held exams, enabling students to prepare strategically.

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4. Sahil Khandelwal:

Sahil Khandelwal is a prominent figure in the competitive exam landscape of India, having surpassed 12 Million subscribers on YouTube, a testimony to his teaching prowess and popularity. He is also an educator at Unacademy in the SSC Exams category, and his video even achieved 1 million likes, a remarkable feat in the test prep category on YouTube.

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5. RaMo Sir:

Renowned as a CAT 99+ %iler, RaMo Sir is an esteemed Mathematics faculty who currently focuses on teaching SSC CGL aspirants, garnering a vast following. He is also the Founder of Examo, an Edtech organization that has revolutionized online learning, making it affordable and accessible to all students.

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6. Saket Sir:

Saket Sir is a top-notch Maths teacher for bank exams, with a remarkable record of clearing Bank PO and other governmental exams. He commands a massive subscriber base of over 9 Million on his YouTube channel, “UTKARSH Classes Jodhpur,” and is highly cherished by competitive exam aspirants.

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7. Dixit Sir

Having secured the 71st rank in SSC CGL and worked as an Income Tax Inspector, this teacher has a profound understanding of Maths and the techniques required for mastering it. His pedagogy revolves around enabling students to solve questions independently, a highly effective approach to learning.

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8. Mohit Sir:

With extensive experience in clearing various competitive exams, including SSC CGL and UPSC, Mohit Sir stands as one of the best teachers in the field. He shares his expertise on his YouTube channel and his app, MG Concept, and actively engages with students on social media to support their learning journey.

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9. Pawan Sir:

Pawan Sir is widely admired for his selfless dedication to providing free knowledge to students in need. Without any structured app or course, he ensures accessibility to all students through YouTube. His classes have helped many aspirants successfully clear multiple competitive exams.

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10. Khan Academy:

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization committed to providing free education to everyone, anytime, anywhere. Their pedagogy involves interactive classes, articles, and videos to help students grasp various subjects, including Mathematics. The platform meticulously tracks students’ progress, enabling teachers to address individual learning gaps effectively.

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11. Jyoti Mam

Smart Classes for Mathematics is a captivating YouTube channel dedicated to making Mathematics enjoyable and understandable for all. With engaging and interactive lessons, this channel offers a fresh approach to learning math concepts. From basic arithmetic to advanced calculus, Smart Classes equips viewers with essential skills to excel in exams and real-life problem-solving. Join this dynamic community and discover a newfound love for Mathematics. Subscribe now and embark on an exciting journey of mathematical discovery!

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Conclusion: Math can become less of an intimidating obstacle with these recommended teachers’ support and instruction. Each instructor offers his/her own teaching style; therefore it is key that you find one which resonates most closely with you and works towards becoming your strength! Though mathematics may have seemed intimidating before, with proper guidance and dedication it can quickly become your strength – so keep studying onward on your learning journey! Also Read: What is CBSE and NCERT I What is Difference between NCERT and CBSE

Best Maths Teacher in India FAQs

1. Q: Best Maths teachers on YouTube for competitive exams?
A: Rakesh Sir, Abhinay Sir, Gagan Sir, Sahil Khandelwal, and RaMo Sir top the list.

2. Q: Which teacher has the most subscribers on YouTube?
A: Sahil Khandelwal, with over 12 Million subscribers, is the most popular Maths teacher.

3. Q: Where can I find high-quality lectures for SSC CGL preparation?
A: Gagan Sir’s lectures on the Careerwill App are highly recommended for SSC CGL aspirants.

4. Q: Which teacher offers affordable online learning for all?
A: RaMo Sir’s Examo app revolutionizes online learning, making it accessible and affordable for everyone.

5. Q: Who provides free Maths knowledge on YouTube?
A: Pawan Sir is admired for freely sharing his Maths knowledge to help aspirants with competitive exams.

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